The hommage song "Ik hou van jou"

At the age of twelve I “discovered” the piano but did not take very seriously. Something  I added to my daily routine until during a sad period, I experienced how many emotions I could express in coming up with a melody, the comfort and depth that it gave me. I found it very special that I heard how my compositions would sound played  by a symphony orchestra. But to compose a piece for an entire orchestra, you naturally need a conservatory background, so much is involved. I have managed to find a coach through to help me with this. "Just try" he often says, and at the same time gives good suggestions. It is ideal that he can watch online, via Teamviewer and the software program Sibelius, when I work out my compositions. I have already put some fifteen scores on paper. In 2013  het Orkest van het Oosten celebrated its 80th anniversary ,and  I dared to sent them a self-written piece of music.It felt like I had baked a cake for a top pastry chef. That’s why I was very honored that the piece "I love you" was performed by the orchestra during the jubilee concert. I became friends with the conductor, and his wife introduced me to my now new partner. Thanks to the music, the circle is round again. I would love it if there would  be only one person who, thanks to my experiences, found the way to write music. Because in my opinion there is no better way to process and share emotions. It touches you inside. (article from Arts and Auto no. 9, 2019)

From melody to symphony


The special introduction to het Orkest van het Oosten was the reason for arranging more my own work. Hereby I received help from Marco de Bruin from and Jos Pijnappel.


Before I die


The wedding walz

Appelmoes Wals


For Zailde Latin version

De kerstboom brandt


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